The hotel Kalma, the people and the Island of Santorini

Few Words About Us

Hotel Kalma (tranquillity in Greek) is a small hospitality complex run by Mr, and Mrs. Velonia family. Our main aim when establishing the unit was to ensure a calm and friendly atmosphere to our guests. Years later, our initial and principal aim remains the same, We want our guests to feel and be treated like at home: a relaxing vacation point, painted in blue and white, stress-free, away from the routine and usual daily formalities, We believe that we have succeeded in this. A plain Cycladic architecture, comfortable communal spaces and functional rooms full of light, in conjunction with quality service, friendly and experienced staff, and Greek hospitality will make your vacation unforgettable.

Few Words About The Island We Love

Everything in Santorini is magical and unique, that's the reason why this island is worldwide known. Its geology, the result of violent volcanic activity in the prehistoric years, led to the picturesque villages, and beaches that make Santorini one of the most famous touristic destinations in the Aegean. People all over the globe come to Santorini each year to enjoy a perfect holiday. We invite you to be part of this experience and promise to make our best to make your vacation time enjoyable and relaxing. We are placed 2.8 klm southeast of Fira and 1.5 klm away from the beach, in a tranquil village of Santorini called Messaria (meaning central in greek). Here, you will find life and action all year round. Messaria is a nodal point for transportation in the island, you will therefore be able to easily explore every little corner of the island starting from here. The Hotel Kalma is calm and well-organized providing the perfect environment for your vacation!